We are unique hands on training system – art and permanent makeup combination.

Nicole Johnson, Fanatical Skin & Ink owner, decided to partner with Scalpa International to create trainings system combined with it the idea. Let’s have our students start from learning arts, sketching, drawing, searching their own style, improving artistic skills, achieving perfect

proportions by using architectural methods;


Unique online trainings academy – a lot of video material full of explanations and animations graphics; support online;

Scalpa Pigments formula – are the best organic and inorganic mixture; sterile and safe. The healed results have no color changes when fading, and create crispy eyebrow strokes for microblading when healed.


Hyperrealistic microblading technique– strokes pattern which is supernatural, hyper realistic and artistic;

Unique eyebrows shaping - based on each person face anatomy

Special workbooks which are included into trainings system and which helps to improve student‘s skills


Scalpa Brow pigments colour theory and color guide, varies products, branding & marketing, equipment, affiliate partnering, customer acquisition and more.


Certification levels and even opportunity to become instructor!