(Who Can Learn) The Art of Microblading

We can train everyone who have the desire to learn a new craft. You don’t need to be permanent make-up specialist. For an example, Nicole Johnson was a medical professional first, then became a Licensed Esthetician and later she decided to learn permanent makeup. All you need – motivation and practice. The training program includes permanent make-up basics (color theory, skin tones, anatomy & physiology skin problems, contraindications, etc). For more information about full program you can read in the Trainings program. No matter you finished microblading or permanent makeup with device you will have to practice as much as you can. We advise to practice not on people skin at first but on paper and latex. If you are good on latex, you will be better on real skin! 


After course you will get certificate of attendance but you should continue studying online (6 months) where you will be assigned to your trainer. Also we expect you will be publishing your works in our private facebook group. You will be added there after the course. There our team will give you some advice and support you in growth as a artist. You will be able to ask questions because the theory can’t cover all different situations. After hard working you will gain skills and people will trust your works. Just need patience and stubbornness. The procedure consists of many things as symmetry, art, technique, preparation, evaluation of clients situation (skin type and skin problems), communicating (client’s wishes), legislation. Also you have to understand that 2-3 days are not enough for all your career – we recommend you to finish online trainings, read books, attend conferences of permanent make up & microblading, attend masterclasses.