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Thank you for your interest in our permanent cosmetics training program.

Below is overview of the program and cost.

Many thanks for your inquiry on our Permanent Make up Course. Timing is everything, and I am pleased to attach an overview course outline book. Our course listed below:


Microblading – a semi-permanent eyebrow procedure that the technician, using a sterile blade tool applies hair-like strokes one-by-one to create fuller natural-looking eyebrows.

Beginner 3-day program $3200

Advance 2-day program $2500

Paramedical Tattooing – a permanent tattooing procedure that the technician, using sterile

multi-needle tool applies pigmentation to camouflage scars, skin disease, stretch marks, birthmarks, and reconstruct areola and other tissue.

Beginner 3-day program

Fundamental Course 7-day program - covers all of the procedures of the face that you would offer to your clientele such as eyeliner, eyebrows, and lips. Our course is totally hands on where you work on models supplied and coordinated by the school. During the course you will do a number of procedures on eyebrows and eyeliner during the 6 days and you will work on lips on the last day.

We cover cross contamination control and safe sterilization practices as part of the course according to Health Environmental standards, and we also provide a marketing overview of how to market the permanent makeup business. Course days generally run from 9:00 AM- 5:00 PM, with a lunch break. The school provides a buffet lunch each training day.

If you are traveling from another city we have a fantastic rate at the multiple hotel chains, which includes breakfast daily, dinners Monday-Thursday, and maybe car shuttle to and from the school each day along with pick up and return to the RDU Airport.

We will accommodate whatever travel needs as the situation sees fit.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP) – a permanent micro pigmentation procedure that the technician, using sterile multi-needle tool applies pigmentation to apply

hair-like follicles to replicate hair on the scalp.

Beginner 3-day program

Our class size is kept to a maximum of 5 students whom are taught by a minimum of 1 instructor.

Payment disclosures:

*All seminars include one year of support.

Apprenticeships are available.

A non-refundable deposit is due at booking.

No refunds on training classes post.


What Customers Have to Say

"You have a personable, hands on ... knowledge based and experienced training style.

Who can broaden anyone no matter what level of experience they may or may not posses."

Bridget Cotton
Pinehurst, NC

“Nicole, what a beautiful gift you are to all humankind. Stay real. Thank you for the tools you have given us”

Alyce P.
Pinehurst, NC