Do I have to be already trained with a machine to participate in the microblading course?

- People always think that it is easier to teach students who already finished basic permanent
makeup course or they have 10 years experience. In almost most cases it is even harder to
teach because people come with bad habits – heavy hands, very uniform, not precise. So for
new person with fresh head it is much easier to learn and we noticed they can have even
greater results. But of course we can help everyone just you have to show us a willingness to

Do I need to buy a device for this technique?

- No you don’t. Microblading is a manual technique where we use disposable or autoclave tool
with disposable needle. Basic trainings comes with a kit. It can be beginners or professional kit
depending on course price.

Does the training include kit?

- Yes, basic class comes with a kit. 

Does microblading leave scars?

- Each permanent makeup technique can be done incorrectly, as everything depends
on knowledge, practice, and products. The technician has to be properly trained about skin types,
deepness, contradictions and many factors. Not all skin types can be microbladed. 

On oily or problematic skin, healed results will look blurred.

Is it painful?

- Yes the client can feel discomfort but we numb. Everything depends on the deepness the
technician works, pain tolerance, numbing strength. There are two types of numbing – primary
and secondary. We always recommend not to use primary anesthesia as the retention of color
is better and the skin is not so tough, slippery so it is much easier to do the first pass of
treatment without numbing. The first pass duration is about 4-5 minutes, after that we always
use secondary anesthesia. So the clients can decide if he/she can handle the pain during the
first pass (usually the scale of pain is 5-6). If yes, then we use only secondary numbing. If not,
then we use both and client almost doesn’t feel anything.

What tools and products are used for treatment?

- Disposable or autoclave tool with single use blade which consists of 7-18 needles, certified
permanent makeup pigments, soothing solution, sterile cotton pads, ruler for measuring, sterile
disposable pigments ring, special pencil for permanent makeup, sterile marker, sterile water and
some other equipment to make sure the treatment is done hygienically.

What is the duration of the treatment?

- The duration depends on the technician but usually it is 1.5-2 hours.

What are the treatment steps?

- Consultation 

- Medical health form and agreement 

- Eyebrows shaping 

- Numbing (optional) 

- First pass of treatment 

- Numbing 

- Second pass of treatment
- Pigment absorption
- Final result discussion and explanation of aftercare