Your Consult


When you come in for your consultation with Nicole please wear your make-up applied as you normally would do it for day time. We will take a photo with your make-up on, then we will ask you to remove it and then take another photo. We view the photos out as they serve as an important reference point when discussing the brow shape which is most flattering for your face, or for discussing on how to best enhance your eyes. 


You can also bring in a photo of yourself. Sometimes women will bring in photos of celebrities whose brows they admire. That is fine, but keep in mind that although the brow style works of that person, you have your unique features, such as the width of your forehead and shape of

your natural brow bone to consider when shaping your brow. Nicole is well known for her natural brow work with 3-D hair-like strokes. She will not do an extreme, dramatic or solid brow shape, but will refer you to someone else for that type of work. You will be shown a portfolio of work and most likely you will get to see a client who has just had some work done so that you can see the work on a real client, up-close. This is important, as photos do not accurately reflect how nice the real work looks, you must see it for yourself! At least 30% of Nicole work is corrections. If you have had brows done by previous technicians keep in mind that the shape may be so asymmetrical, or too high on your forehead. Work may have to be removed before Nicole can begin creating a new, more natural, better-looking brow. This will be determined at the consult. Unfortunately, Nicole may find that there is scarring, which is problematic when redoing brows. Please see our FAQ page for more info. If you are considering eyeliner and using the Latisse product, it is mandatory to stop using that product two months before your service. In some cases, Nicole may have to refuse to work on a client who has been using Latisse, as the Latisse product will make the cell membrane of the eyelids more permeable, which could result in a pigment migration. If you have had work done by another technician it is necessary to send a photo of your brows via email (not text) before you schedule a consult. Nicole will look at the photo before determining if she wants to take on the project. Regarding the paperwork for your consult, please have a list of medications and vitamins with you as well as your physician’s information. While you are filling out your paper-work in the office you are invited to enjoy a cup of tea. The fee for the consultation is $50.00 which is non-refundable. A deposit of $200 is required to schedule your procedure. Should you decide to schedule your procedure, the consultation fee will be applied to your deposit.

We routinely schedule a block of 2 to 2 1/2 hours for your first appointment.

Deposits are non refundable. Please notify us 48 hr prior if you can make your appointment. If you fail to notify us you forfeit your deposit. On the day of your procedure payment is expected time of service. ull is expected. Sorry, we cannot break up the We accept all major credit cards, checks Gratuity is cash or check only. Many people bring friend with them for the consult or procedure which is fine. Sorry; we cannot

accommodate toddlers or small children.